RBM Images of CQ Competition

At RBM, we want to celebrate CQ.  So we thought why not run a competition to bring our communities together and have a little fun while doing it.  Inspired by our friends at Canon Australia and the Canon Collective

Each week RBM will post a theme for your students to take a photo that depicts this theme.  Example, week one is ‘your backyard’.  A student could take a photo of their backyard or something they love about their view from their back door.

Once they have a photo they wish to submit, they need to email it to the school staff member in charge for the school to submit into the competition.

The school will then submit approved images to the RBM Facebook page post for that week.  There is no maximum number of entries, so please have each student, class or even teams submit the photos that fit the theme each week, improving the schools chance of winning.

We encourage everyone to vote for their favourite photos, by liking the RBM page, the competition post and hit like on any images they like or love.

On Friday of each week at Midday the images will be submitted to a panel for judging, the winner will then be selected by the team at the Canon Collective.

The winning school will be announced on Saturday, on the original week post along with an additional post.  The winners and the photos from the week will be on the RBM Website.

The Winning School will then be awarded 2 Canon Digital Camera.

Terms and conditions

  • For 5 weeks, RBM will allocate a theme for students to create a photo for submission.
  • Week one: your backyard
  • Week two: Furry Friends
  • Week Three: Nature
  • Week Four: Hands
  • Week Five: Happiness
  • Images are not to contain any faces, or offensive depictions
  • Images of people have to have approval for submission
  • Images are to be in Facebook accepted format: .jpg, .gif, and .png file types
  • Submissions are to be given to the school for submitting via facebook or emailed to sales@rbmcq.com.au
  • The school will submit photo/s as an individual comment on the RBM Weeks Theme post
  • The community then has the chance to like or love any photo they appreciate
  • All photos must be loaded by Friday Midday for selection by the panel
  • Canon Collective will then review the photos and select a winner for the week
  • RBM will then announce the winner on Saturday of each week
  • Each week there will be a winner of 2 Canon digital Camera

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